Drunk prank of the week: Bottle Alarm

Your humble author likes originality, and while a few of the drunk prank photos posted haven't been the most creative, this one is pretty darn good. The pranksters clearly knew one of the worst things a hungover person can wake up to is NOISE, especially coming from the last thing on his mind: BOOZE.

Craigslist humor: toilet for sale

I once blew up a friend's perfectly good toilet with an M80, which was a total riot and had us laughing for hours - not to mention the continued laughs over the years when reminiscing.  The bad part about it was having to fork over a couple hundred dollars for a new toilet, but can one really put a price on never ending laughs?  Okay, so had Craigslist been around during the aftermath of my toilet explosion prank, I definitely could have extended the prank by picking up this item on Craigslist:

Bin Laden tops the chart

After hundreds of thousands Iraqi and Afghan deaths and the ongoing suffering of thousands more, Bin Laden was finally taken out.  I'm not sure what all the celebrating is about, as nothing has changed. The US is no safer, and still hated for the decades of imperialism and middle east tyranny.  Oh, and Obama's top priority is continuing to serve the oligarchy while the US economy remains in shambles.  Anyway, on to the comedy: