Booze of the week: Burnett's Citrus Vodka

The older I get, the more things cost, and the less cash I have left for quality booze - you know, the kind that costs $40-100 for 750mL.  Today's booze of the week is probably as cost-effective as you can get: Burnett's Citrus Vodka for $5.99 (750mL) at Trader Joes.

You're thinking, WTF, $5.99??? It must be once distilled from cow dung!  I hate to break this to you, but Burnett's vodka (made in Kentucky, USA) is quadruple distilled from grain and triple charcoal filtered.  That should be enough to clean out all the Kentucky animal dung and urine that's all over the grain the distillery uses.

Unfortunately there's not much info on this vodka, but obviously Burnett's isn't going to allocate a large marketing budget for a $6 vodka.  The true test for me was to buy it and make my wife's favorite drink, a Mango Martini.  Honestly, we would have never known if the drinks were made with Stoli or Absolut, which means the vodka was free of aftertaste and the drink went down smooth.  Furthermore, there was NO HANGOVER.  Enough said.