Craigslist humor: Planned Parenthood protests

I'm not wild about abortion, and honesty there's nothing funny about it.  However, there's always someone out there who can find humor where you least expect it, and Craigslist is home to such individuals.

Drunk prank of the week: Pretty Lady

Well, this drunk prank features the usual cosmetic "pass out and I'll mark your face" make-up, but what makes it hilarious is the pranksters actually animate the face in a "Weekend at Bernie's" style.

There seems to be an endless amount of idiots who drink too much and leave themselves in the hands of their buddies.   Once I've collected enough of these drunk pranks I'll set up some sort of poll to get an idea of what's the most popular.

Craigslist humor: AIDS scare revenge

This classified ad is pretty damn funny, but I question whether or not it's really true.  So to my few blog readers, don't questions its legitimacy and get all CSI on me , but instead take it as as nonsensical humor, which is what this blog is all about.

People of WalMart

First off, I wholeheartedly HATE Walmart - yes, hate is a big word, but it seems every Walmart I've stepped foot in leaves me in a state of disgust. I know there are some nice ones and stores vary by location, but the ones here in Southern California royally suck. Half the items on the shelves end up on the floor by mid-day, which means the employees really don't give a hoot. Rarely do I see a Walmart cashier with a smile on his/her face. They realize the job sucks and the company cares more about profit margin than aiming to please a minimum wager. The only happy employees are the old people greeting customers at the entrance, obviously just happy someone gave them a chance to be useful again. Okay enough rambling here, now on a few photos of your everyday Walmart patrons...

Video: Mexican Red Cross

We all know that Mexico, for the most part, is pretty far behind most high GDP countries, but one would think they'd do a little better than this at trying to transport an ER-bound patient to the hospital.  Not only do the physicians have to treat the leg, but they might have to fuse a few spinal discs after what happens here...

Craigslist humor: Engagement Ring

All I can say is, YIKES!  Not only did his heart get broken, but it looks like he's lost an additional $600+ proposing to a woman of group pleasures.  I guess he's fortunate he didn't lose half his possessions had they tied tied the knot before she had her little party.

Drunk prank of the week: Red dawn

Ok, so there are a gazillion pics of graffiti'd, passed out drunk people everywhere, but only a few where the culprits actually took their sweet time as an artist would on a painting.  The photo below is a true example of this.  I bet he had to have a full face/body chemical peel to get back to his peachy self.

Booze of the week: Disarronno

Since your humble author is Italian, I'd better start posting a few choice liquors from Italy. Alas, welcome Disaronno, an amaretto liquor (almond/apricot liquor made from apricot base and/or almond pits) with a distinct flavor like no other liquor.  The Italians have perfected this one so you won't be disappointed if you're into sweet nuts. For the rest of you, this post may have already turned you off - my apologies.

I'm sure you've all seen the sheik and metrosexual commercials from Disaronno advertising, "Disarrono on the rocks."  Well, I've had many Disaronnos on the rocks and only the first one really impressed me. After four, I couldn't shake the damn hazelnut-like aftertaste and I was looking around the hotel room for a mixer.  I do have to say this liquor tastes great with a good ginger ale (Vernors is my fav). If you're looking for more tanginess, then cranberry juice is another good mixer.

The alcohol content is a paltry 28%, so it's great for lightweights who don't want to spoil the mood with their woman.  It's probably a smart drink if you're a designated driver looking for that one cocktail for the night. However, for heavy drinkers like me, this drink will end up giving you diabetes before a great buzz.

Idiot of the week

Now this takes the cake for idiocy.  I'm sure this same guy drives a car with the naked women silhouettes on his mud flaps and painted on his rear window thinking he's cool, of course with his wife sitting in the passenger seat. MORON!

Drunk prank of the week: Jolly Green Giant

Hilarious.  This guy has more veggies on him than most Americans have eaten in the last 10 years. I wonder what they used to keep the greens on him?  

Craigslist humor: yard leaves

This one is classic.  Maybe there was some sap who really needed compost for his/her garden and didn't want to pay for it.  There have to be a few turds underneath all those leaves.

Booze of the week: Patron Cafe

TGIF, and cheers to a weekend of boozing.  This week's booze of the week is one of my favorite coffee liquors, Patron Cafe.  On the rocks with a splash of milk, cream, or half & half (or even in your morning coffee), this drink is appropriate at any time of day and night - good for a 24 hour buzz for you serious alcoholics.  Some coffee liquors are just way too sweet, but at 70 proof, this one has some kick, an intense flavor of rich coffee, and for you tequila aficionados, a hint of Patron tequila.

I prefer drinking this as a starter drink, and here's why:  experienced boozers know how to achieve the perfect "first buzz" of the day/night and maintain it for hours, without crashing or spinning out of their mind.  Some prefer to establish a "base" by eating a big meal prior to drinking, others (like myself) prefer to eat later - either during the buzz or when party time is over -  so the base is established by coating the stomach with a glass of milk.  I don't know about you, but having glass of milk is boring and the last thing I want to do when it's time to drink.  Well, how about half a glass of milk and 3 ounces of Patron Cafe on the rocks, or maybe two? Yeah, now we're talking.  You've got your base, a quick buzz on an empty stomach, and you're on your way to enjoying life!