Booze of the week: Patron Cafe

TGIF, and cheers to a weekend of boozing.  This week's booze of the week is one of my favorite coffee liquors, Patron Cafe.  On the rocks with a splash of milk, cream, or half & half (or even in your morning coffee), this drink is appropriate at any time of day and night - good for a 24 hour buzz for you serious alcoholics.  Some coffee liquors are just way too sweet, but at 70 proof, this one has some kick, an intense flavor of rich coffee, and for you tequila aficionados, a hint of Patron tequila.

I prefer drinking this as a starter drink, and here's why:  experienced boozers know how to achieve the perfect "first buzz" of the day/night and maintain it for hours, without crashing or spinning out of their mind.  Some prefer to establish a "base" by eating a big meal prior to drinking, others (like myself) prefer to eat later - either during the buzz or when party time is over -  so the base is established by coating the stomach with a glass of milk.  I don't know about you, but having glass of milk is boring and the last thing I want to do when it's time to drink.  Well, how about half a glass of milk and 3 ounces of Patron Cafe on the rocks, or maybe two? Yeah, now we're talking.  You've got your base, a quick buzz on an empty stomach, and you're on your way to enjoying life!


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