Booze of the week: Disarronno

Since your humble author is Italian, I'd better start posting a few choice liquors from Italy. Alas, welcome Disaronno, an amaretto liquor (almond/apricot liquor made from apricot base and/or almond pits) with a distinct flavor like no other liquor.  The Italians have perfected this one so you won't be disappointed if you're into sweet nuts. For the rest of you, this post may have already turned you off - my apologies.

I'm sure you've all seen the sheik and metrosexual commercials from Disaronno advertising, "Disarrono on the rocks."  Well, I've had many Disaronnos on the rocks and only the first one really impressed me. After four, I couldn't shake the damn hazelnut-like aftertaste and I was looking around the hotel room for a mixer.  I do have to say this liquor tastes great with a good ginger ale (Vernors is my fav). If you're looking for more tanginess, then cranberry juice is another good mixer.

The alcohol content is a paltry 28%, so it's great for lightweights who don't want to spoil the mood with their woman.  It's probably a smart drink if you're a designated driver looking for that one cocktail for the night. However, for heavy drinkers like me, this drink will end up giving you diabetes before a great buzz.


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