Booze of the Week: Trader Joe's gin!

It's Friday and booze is on my mind (so what else is new?).  The booze of the week is Trader Joe's Rear Admiral London Dry Gin ($7.99 for a 750 mL bottle at Trader Joe's).  It's distilled and bottled at W.J. Stillman Ltd. in London.

Well I'm starting to get shit from my buddies on my choices of booze, but I'm happy to report one of their mouthes has been shut.  This gin is very Tanqueray-like, but with a slightly lower alcohol content.  It makes for a great gin and tonic or martini, but probably isn't a good sipping gin such as Gin 209 or some of the other high priced gins out there... but who in the hell wants to sip booze that's distilled from a shovel full of wilderness?

If you like gin martinis and/or gin and tonics and want to save half the cost of booze, try this gin.  Here are a couple reviews:


Anonymous said...

yeah this stuff is great. I drink it all the time. Ignore the price, the quality speaks for its self. Thanks for the link.


Gin snobs are full of you know what... I shake a martini with Rear Admiral Josephs and tell my guests its Tanquery...those gin experts cannot tell the difference. So much for their high brow tastes!!!!

Anonymous said...

It cannot be found right now.

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoy it chilled straight.

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